1. Connect with an AIT Admissions Advisor

The advisor will :

  • Ask about your goals and interests
  • Guide you through the admissions process
  • Assist with answering your questions
  • Provide information to help you choose a degree program
  • Describe what to expect from your classes
  • Explain the next steps to take

2. Complete application online or in person

The online application is designed to be quick, and easy and there is no application fee. It takes 10-15 minutes to complete and our admissions advisors can guide you through the process if needed.

Be ready to tell us :

  • Basic information about yourself
  • Where you’ve gone to high school and/or college
  • What degree program you’re interested in

Apply to AIT Online Campus →

3. Submit proof of high school graduation or equivalent as well as any college transcripts.

Proof of High-School Graduation

You’ll need to provide proof that you graduated from high school or an equivalent program:

  • High school transcript or diploma
  • GED transcript or certificate

Proficiency in English & Math

We require proficiency in English and math for all undergraduates. If you haven’t shown that you’re a proficient English speaker, we’ll provide an assessment of one or both of those skills. This will help us determine your proper academic placement and whether you’ll need additional support services.

4. Apply for financial aid if you qualify

There are a variety of options available for eligible students to help fund your education, including federal loans, grants and scholarships.

5. Learn what prior learning credits you may be eligible to receive.

Among active AIT students providing transcripts for evaluation, 84% received credits for previous school or military experience. While you prepare for classes to begin, one of our prior learning assessment evaluators will review what credits you may be eligible to receive toward your degree requirements

6. Get to know the AIT Campus

Please schedule for the school facility tour and our counselling staff will be happy to provide complete tour our campus, provide all information you are looking for.